| Working Principles |

My work is guided by the following principles:

| Adapting your text or speech to the culture of your partners |

Communication implies a number of aspects of equal importance. People express themselves differently depending on their economic, social and professional background, as well as on their personality or mood at the moment they speaking or writing a document. Add the linguistic aspect to this and you’ll understand how difficult communication can get sometimes…

Translation is not only a matter of simply replacing words with other words, but it consists in expressing an idea or intention in a way that sounds natural in the target language.

| Respecting your terminology and style |

Your company certainly uses its own internal jargon, no matter what the industry, and it is important to reflect this in the documentation. This is why I may ask you to provide me with material related to your industry or trade, this will help me ensure the style and terminology are consistent throughout the translation.

Respecting the style also implies to convey all the nuances that make the text unique. Nuances are a significant part of the message to be conveyed, and a good translation should reflect that.

| Keeping your project confidential |

When I became a certified (or “sworn”) translator and interpreter, I made the pledge not to disclose any confidential information related to my clients.

But I apply this principle of confidentiality in my daily work, whether your project requires a certification or not.

| Quick quote turnaround |

Everybody knows how frustrating it can be when you have to wait several days to get a price estimate… This will not be an issue with me however, as my quotes (price and timeframe) are ready within 24 hours, free of charge.

This will enable you to arrange your schedule and budget right away and move on to something else.

| Responsibility |

The prices and timeframes specified on the quotes are definite, unless otherwise mentioned. So you can focus on other projects without worrying about anything.

And in case my capabilities should not match your request, I will put you in contact with a trustworthy partner.